Frank Calberg

Frank Calberg
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02.05.2008, 08:20 Uhr


M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration. Being a curious person, I like to continue to learn, for example using a variety of social media and by participating at different events - both on the Internet and in a variety of different physical spaces.

In folgenden Branchen war ich bisher tätig:

Working across a number of industries with innovation challenges. Trying to use ideas / experiences across industries to create more value for more people.

Derzeitige Position:

Inspiration / tools / methods to help improve your life. Research based. Frank Calberg Services.

Ich sehe mich als...

Researcher. Question asker. Publisher of educational content. Educator. Change helper.

Ideen sind...

a renewable resource. Ideas are something we will not run out of. Ideas are powering progress. Ideas are the fuel for innovation. Ideas inspire us to do new things / to do things differently. Ideas give us energy. Ideas help us work better together. Ideas keep us young in our minds.



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